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We Know What You Did This Summer...

And it was great! We are so thrilled to see you all using #TeachLikeMe throughout the summer! And an extra special shout out to all of you who rocked the Teach Like Me t-shirt at various conferences and travels this summer! We saw pictures and posts from Orlando, Space Camp in Alabama, and at education conferences from coast to coast! Remember, you can always check out what other educators are up to by searching "#TeachLikeMe" on social media sites. Here are a couple of our faves from this summer:

As everyone heads back to school, we hope you'll continue to use the hashtag to share all the best parts of our job. If it seems a bit braggadocious, it's because it's supposed to be. We're allowed to be proud of our work! We're allowed to love our jobs! And we should be encouraging others to follow in our footsteps and teach as we do. It is a bit of challenge. You love what you do and you challenge others - if they think they're up for it - to teach as you do! Own it. Your kids deserve the best version of you and this is just one small part of that. #TeachLikeMe #TeachLikeHer #TeachLikeHim #TeachLikeThem #TeachLikeUs

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