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Thanks for the Memories

This month, we completed the process to officially dissolve Teach Like Me, Inc. and close the nonprofit function of our work. Teach Like Me will continue to live on in social media posts, though! Interestingly enough, our Facebook page and other social media accounts continue to accrue a handful of likes, so we're honored that new folks are still finding our work. We want to thank everyone who has supported Teach Like Me from its inception to its growth as a social media campaign to a full-fledged nonprofit organization based in Oklahoma. Thank you for everyone who helped produce, star in, and share our short videos that we hoped would change the narrative surround the teaching profession. Thanks to everyone who changed their profile pictures or wore one of our t-shirts. And thank you to each and every person that used the hashtag #TeachLikeMe. Despite our absence, we're confident there are educators out there who will continue to encourage students to follow in their footsteps and to join the greatest profession in the world; teachers who will say, "I love what I do and I encourage you to teach like me."


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